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Surf's up. Show them how it's done! Submit the most challenging case from which ​you were able to recover. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be registered to attend OC Shoulder.

  • You must be willing to prepare and deliver a 5-min case presentation at OC Shoulder.

  • You must submit one of your own cases.

  • You must submit pre- and post-op x-rays.

  • Submission deadline: September 30, 2023

How it Works

  • Fill out the form to submit your case.

  • After the submission deadline, registered attendees will vote by email to select the most interesting cases.

  • The top three (3) cases will be presented by their submitter at OC Shoulder. Please be ready to prepare and deliver a 5-min case presentation if selected.

  • The Riptide Award will be awarded to the presenter with the most impressive case.

Case Submission Form


Case Tagline

Provide a tagline description for the vote (Max 50 words)

X-Ray Uploads

Please make sure your image uploads do not contain any sensitive information (e.g., patient identifiers)

Pre-Operative X-Ray
Post-Operative X-Ray

Your case has been submitted. Good luck!

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